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Home from Home by IceDragonhawk

Beautiful drawing! The landscape is very colorful and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Your dragons are also cute, I like how the little ones are just simple smaller versions of their parents. It creates that very warm and nostalgic feel of a family.

It does seem to me though, your perspective is a little distorted. When I look at the general direction of the road it doesn't seem to be meeting the same vanishing point as the town in the far background.

I was also thinking for that little cliff side on the left, you could just continue that off the page instead of wrapping around the road. I think that would make it a little bit more realistic

One last thing, that pond that's right above the dragon's wing looks like it's at an incline. You may want to push those shore rocks a little to the right to show that the slope to the road is getting higher and not the water as well.

I hope I helped! Like I said, I really think this piece is marvelous! Keep up the wonderful work!
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